Finding the Right Gift: Priceless

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult — and pricey. But it doesn’t have to be. A gift that comes from the heart can be even more precious than one specially selected off the shelf; consider these ideas:

  • Love letter. This may be the simplest yet most personal and meaningful gift. If prose isn’t your forte, try citing your favorite quote along with a few words expressing how you feel.
  • Coupon book. Design coupons for a neck rub, chore, babysitting, or an evening out.
  • Scrapbook. Fill an album with photos, ticket stubs, cards, letters, and notes from special events you’ve shared together.
  • Home spa day. Convert your bathroom into a spa with soft towels, candles, flowers, bath salts, and scents. Then leave them alone with a good book and soothing music, or join in for a romantic, cozy retreat.
  • Chocoholics. Spend the day indulging in homemade chocolates by creating your own edible

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