A Leaf of Freshness

While April’s National Lawn and Garden Month celebrates botanical landscape outside your home, many studies tout the health benefits of interior plant life.

Of course houseplants can enhance aesthetics, reduce stress, and brighten spirits, but research by NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America determined that plants also act as natural air purification systems.

Thanks to synthetic construction materials and energy-efficient sealants that close off dwellings and workplaces, more and more Americans suffer from Sick Building Syndrome — overexposure to toxins that build up in stuffy spaces and cause ailments. But strategic placement of vegetation can actually absorb harmful pollutants — like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide — that build up in poorly ventilated areas.

Pick out some of these leafy detoxifiers at your local nursery to air out your abode:

Heartleaf philodendron

Elephant ear philodendron

Cornstalk dracaena

English ivy

Spider plant.

For best results, distribute at least 15 different varieties for every 2000 square feet of space, in 6-inch pots.

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