Liquid Gold – Honey

The healing power of honey has been raved about for centuries but scientists are now seriously researching the health benefits – from healing wounds and alleviating IBS to relieving hay fever. A lot of supermarket honey lays claim to these benefits, but experts warns that not all honey is created equal.

Most honeys are clear as they’ve been processed to blast every speck of health-benefiting, cloudy-looking pollen. Eat raw, unprocessed honey and buy from a beekeeper if you can.

Apart from being such an effective antibacterial that it’s used in many hospitals to treat wounds which will not respond to antibiotics, honey also contains over 180 properties – including vitamins and minerals – a balance not available in any other food. Experts suggest taking 2-3 tsp of raw antibacterial honey every day to boost immunity and fight fatigue. The same amount before bed can also support brain function because of the fructose in honey which is stored as energy, ready to fuel your brain overnight.

Price tends to be indicative of quality, so avoid cheap brands. Check if it’s antibacterial and look at the brand’s website for proof.

Enjoy honey on toast, drizzle over porridge or just eat it straight from the jar. But don’t add it to just-boiled water as heat kills the antibacterial properties.

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