First Things First

It’s the start of a brand new year. Like most, you’re probably hoping your resolutions will produce a thicker wallet and slimmer waistline. Too often, though, the novelty just gathers dust. Give your plans a chance to shine this time with tools for keeping your promise.

Assess personal value. The proverbial clean slate begs for us to paint personal renditions of universal dreams. But real aspirations hang close to the heart. If you don’t really want to quit smoking, you won’t stop buying the cigarettes. Determine what drives you and why… then claim it as your own.

Write it down. Ambitions dissolve away when they’re swirling abstracts in your mind. Transferring them into print provides a tangible reminder and becomes your first action step.

Garner support. Enlist the aid of friends, family, and coworkers, or sign on to virtual communities to share journeys with like–minded individuals. Adopt inspiration from those who’ve walked a similar path to feel convinced you can do the same. Likewise, negativity will thwart your efforts so avoid influences that don’t align with your mission.

Break it down to little steps. You won’t be ready for a marathon tomorrow, but you can register for a 5K next month. Implement smaller objectives you can accomplish today that will lead you to bigger achievements down the road.

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