Gift of Health

Summer sausage, shortbread cookies, and chocolate-covered cherries aren’t the most nutritious presents. Wrap up some wellness for your friends and family with these healthier options:

Grant immunity. Stuff those stockings with immune system boosters like vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc lozenges. Or just throw in a good multivitamin.

Subscribe to wellness
. Give an exercise DVD. Order a subscription to a popular health magazine, or sign up your loved one for an online fitness program. Purchase a 3-month trial membership to your local health club or recreation center… then agree to join them for weekly visits.

Offer nutrition support. Buy a gift card to the local farmer’s market or health food store. Schedule a personal session with a nutritionist. Or buy a recipe book featuring healthy cooking tips and ingredients. Sweeten the deal by throwing in a high-quality dark chocolate bar.

Encourage better sleep
. Wrap up allergen-proof pillow cases. Or go for a therapeutic memory-foam neck pillow. Give the new mom a free 3-hour babysitting session so she can squeeze in a long nap.

Help relieve tension. Get a gift certificate for a 1-hour massage. And don’t forget about relaxing music CDs — a universal fit for anyone who needs to de-stress.

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