Holiday Safely Skip

Overwhelmed by all the stuff you’re supposed to be into these days? Here’s what you can safely skip.

1. Eating offal. Yes, devouring the entire animal – entrails and brains and slimy bits included – may be more sustainable, less wasteful, and downright trendy. But if you want to stick to a nice breaded chicken breast, no one will judge you. Really.
2. Trying to do it all. Turns out, knowing that you can’t have it all – the high powered job and oodles of quality time with the family – may be the key to peace of mind, according to research presented to the American Sociological Association. Working women who don’t expect to get it all done, the paper reveals, are less likely to show symptoms of depression. Lower our standards and get happier? Yes!
3. Feeling bad about your weak willpower. A study found that the taste of fatty foods triggers the release of endocannabinoids in your body – as in chemicals similar to those found in cannabis, as in, yes, that camembert might just be giving you a little buzz.
4. Worrying about getting fatter after a relationship split. At least one major life trauma doesn’t always result in too-tight jeans: Women are less likely to gain after divorce than men, according to research from Ohio State University. Finally, the universe cuts us some slack.
5. Snakeskin on your nails. We like animal prints – within reason. But now women in New York City and elsewhere are paying up to $300 to have genuine snakeskin put on their fingertips, boo. Hiss.

6. Giving up potatoes. No, you can’t engage in a French fry orgy every day without paying a price on your back end. But spuds needn’t be shunned, either. New research says these starchy friends help lower blood pressure in obese people almost as much as oatmeal – without weight gain.
7. Following holiday traditions in lockstep. Eat burritos on xmas instead of a Yule log, smooch your dog on new year’s. You’ll still have an excellent year, or at least a unique one.

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