No Thanks!

Overwhelmed by holiday demands? You could be sacrificing your health. Spreading yourself too thin can lead to habits that add to stress and weaken immunity — like lack of sleep, poor eating patterns, and even self-medicating. Work on the willpower to say no to some obligations with these tips:

Keep it honest. Fabrications only complicate the situation; stick to the truth. It gains respect from others and liberates you from manufacturing excuses that will come back to haunt you.

Be gracious. Explain how your rejection is beneficial to them, for example, “With so little time, I don’t feel I could produce the quality you deserve.” Express the honor you feel in being asked, but humbly suggest they’d be better off recruiting someone else for the job.

Consider delegations. Avoid complete rejection by enlisting or swapping assistance, like trading babysitting duties with a friend so each of you can shop in peace. Too many commitments can cramp your style, but sharing responsibilities can ease the burden. Just make sure others don’t feel pressed to say yes to you.

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