Liquid Gold

You’re pretty accountable when it comes to logging what you’ve eaten. But that daily latte habit may explain why you’re not losing as quickly as you’d like. After all, foam and syrup calories add up – in terms of pounds and pennies, since these drinks typically cost more than $2. Here’s how to save your dollars, and your waistline.

  1. Add it up, log it in. Track your beverage buys for one week. Carry a notepad and jot down all purchases (noncoffee drinkers can record diet sodas, smoothies, juices and teas).
  2. Think week off, week on. Limit your coffee splurges to every other week. On an “off” week, make a pot of coffee and refrigerate it for up to 7 days. Pour the brew over ice in a travel cup. For “on” weeks, indulge in a café fix, but skip syrup extras and pour your own milk to be sure it’s fat-free.
  3. Consider the exotic. Try flavorful java alternatives sold at natural food stores, such as genmaicha, a green tea with roasted rice that packs a fraction of the caffeine.

Drip tip

You might love your short(s) of espresso, but here’s the jittery truth: It’s loaded with caffeine, which may trigger the production of stress hormones and cause blood sugar to drop. This, in turn, leaves you feeling more tired than before you took your first sip. Allow yourself a single shot in the AM, then switch to decaf.

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