Lighten Up

Children’s author Theodor Geisel, known better as Dr. Seuss, made his stories and messages memorable with his rhyming.

Maybe it’s time to put some rhyme into your own story. Are you alone in a drone of boredom or etched in a rut of ado? Frolic and banter by trying tips 1, 3, and 2:

  • Schedule escapes. Regular breaks can help you perform more efficiently. But they need to be true pauses from the grind. Step away from your desk or task and go outside. Use the free moments to call a friend, take a walk, or just listen to music. The pure joy of nothingness can clear your head and soothe your nerves so you return to your responsibilities with a fresh perspective.
  • Laugh. Tickling the funny bone can actually boost immune and brain function, lower blood pressure, and release tension. Start your day by reading a joke or funny column. Tune into a comedy radio station or pop in a CD of your favorite comedian. When things get harried, stop and smile or make a goofy face at yourself in the mirror — it might be just enough to take the edge off.
  • Step out of the box. Tour a new museum, sign up for a class, volunteer… or pick up an old Dr. Suess book and revisit your childhood whimsies.

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