Nutrition Made Simple

Still trying to implement that New Year’s resolution to eat healthy? While a complete dietary overhaul takes time, you can act immediately by tweaking simple habits.

  • Liquid exchange: Guzzling calories not only pours excess sugar, artificial ingredients, and caffeine into your system, it can infringe on proper hydration — necessary for flushing out toxins and delivering nutrients to your cells. Swap out that mid–morning mocha with an 8–ounce glass of ice water to load up on your body’s fluid of choice. And when thirst strikes again, sip from the water cooler, not the soda fountain.
  • Portion control: Studies suggest Americans chow down up to 8 times the grub they need. Take a good look at one of your meals today to carve the rations. Slice your sandwich in half and save the rest for tomorrow. Use a small dinner plate. Scoop just a single spoonful of potatoes, pasta, or rice. Wait 20 minutes, to see if you’re really still hungry, before getting seconds. And check out the Weight–control Information Network to learn how to eyeball serving sizes.
  • Selective snacking: Choose nutrient–dense foods to curb hunger and add health benefits. Ditch the bag of chips for a handful of nuts. Go green when choosing your side dish — a cup of broccoli or spinach salad. Reach for an apple when your tummy gets grumpy, or toss a few berries into your morning yogurt.

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