Fit for Fall

Sure you may be stowing your swimsuit for the next 9 months. But showing less skin as summer bows out doesn’t mean accepting fall flab. Stay fit in those areas you worked hard (or still hope) to firm, even if they’re covered by cool–weather clothing.

  • Bun burn: Climate permitting, traipse up hills and ramps, or hike trails that follow a gradual ascent. Jump on a treadmill and increase the incline. And while you can certainly set your muscles afire dashing up stadium bleachers, the steps in your own home or office are suitable substitutes.
  • Tummy tuck: Defining your torso means stabilizing your core. Try plank holds to start: Lie on your stomach. Keeping your elbows on the floor shoulder width apart, raise yourself into a push–up position with your back straight and hips tight; hold for 30–60 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
  • Figure focus: Concentrate on total body fitness while staying realistic. Shaping up the derriere depends on more than targeting your glutes — the same holds true for abs. Aerobic exercise and proper nutrition are necessary for reducing fat. After that, your genetics, age, and natural body type will dictate how chiseled your buttocks and belly become.

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