What’s Up, Doc?

While nobody wants to visit a doctor, everyone must at some point. Your experience with your practitioner can make all the difference in your treatment and recovery, so know how to make the right selection… and when to sever ties altogether.

  • Just because the insurer gives you a list of network names doesn’t mean they’re all equal. Don’t play eenie–meenie–miney–mo with your health. Choose your doctor like you would an auto mechanic — ask for referrals from family or friends, or specialists you already trust.
  • Pay attention to the time your doctor spends with you. If you feel rushed, it could mean you’re just another patient not a person.
  • Stick it out with a physician who listens to your concerns, answers your questions, and offers advice vs. commands. You should never feel criticized, condescended, or brushed aside. Switch to professionals who value an informed patient — you can bet they’ll value your care just as much.
  • Seek second opinions. Don’t be worried about offending your MD — your shared priority should be a correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Two docs may arrive at different conclusions, so weigh the feedback and trust your judgment.

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