Family Fun

Busy schedules mean families have little time to play together. In honor of Family Fun Month, try these ideas to help foster confidence, bonding, and health in you and your kids.

Host a mini Olympics. Use your backyard or a park as the setting for games and events that cater to the whole crew. Hold crawling and jumping races. Make obstacle courses with pillows, crates, chairs, sandboxes, and sprinklers. Have older kids help the younger ones. Your imagination is the only startup tool you need to make this a gold medal winner.

Prepare a meal together — one the whole family can enjoy. Try homemade pizza and let everyone select an ingredient to add. Encourage colorful decorations from the veggie bin. Studies show that children are more apt to eat healthy meals when they participate in preparation. Plus you’ll promote involvement and responsibility, all while getting a little help in the kitchen.

Read as a family, even with older kids — you’ll build unity and literacy in the household. Extend your reading nights into writing campaigns, asking each family member to pen notes of thanks to a sibling, parent, child, or other family member. Give younger kids a chance to draw pictures instead.

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