Water Aerobics

Water’s natural buoyancy gently resists your efforts — strengthening muscles without stressing your joints or back. It’s perfect for senior citizens, pregnant women, and anyone recovering from injury. The over-exaggerated nature of these exercises taxes your lungs and heart — so you reap cardiovascular and respiratory benefits too. Before fall makes its debut, take to the water and enjoy the benefits of water exercises.

Core strength: Holding onto the pool deck, place your back up against the side of the pool and elevate your legs to 90 degrees. Maintaining the L position, slowly swing your legs from one side to another, resisting the urge to sag in your chest or lower back. At center, bend your legs in and back out and repeat 10 times.

Shoulders: Raise your arms out to the side in horizontal position 10 times; then repeat your reach out in front of your body 10 times. Hold your arms out in front of you and perform small circular motions in both directions, gradually increasing the size of the circle to that of a basketball.

Legs: Bring your legs up to a perpendicular position. Open them to a V angle and then close 10 times to work your hips and thighs. With your legs pointed straight down, perform scissor kicks to help tone the hamstrings and quads. Both exercises will engage your abs too.

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