Rev Up Your Routine

If you’re stuck in an exercise rut, you might find yourself dreading workouts… or even skipping them. Interval training could help you break through the boredom.

Incorporating high-intensity bursts into your usual cardiovascular activity can improve endurance, strength, and recovery time. It may even help bust a weight loss plateau; some experts theorize that it increases overall fat burning and could boost metabolism.

Here are some ways to incorporate intervals:

Alternate 2 minutes of walking with 30 seconds of jogging; repeat for 20-30 minutes, then walk to cool down

Add intermittent sprints or hills if you already run

Try jumping jacks and other plyometric exercises — fast movements to develop muscular power — for variety.

Tweak your routine a little at a time, rather than overhauling it all at once. And remember to warm up, watch your form, and pay attention to how you feel so you don’t overdo it.

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