No Excuses!

“I just don’t have the time.” “I’m too tired.” “I’ll look silly.” If you find yourself backing out of exercise with the same old lines, it’s time to get a new act. Try these techniques for combating the whispers that smother your motivation:

Avoid all or nothing. It’s inevitable that you’re going to miss a day or 2 — your child is sick, you had to stay late at work. But don’t let a slip cause you to give it up all together. Commit to starting again the next day with a physical activity that’s fun and invigorating. Power-walk around the building on your lunch break. Double-time your pace when you have to climb a flight of stairs. Sprint with your kids back and forth at the park.

Wake yourself up. Exercise actually boosts energy levels, so it can be exactly what you need when you’re bushed. Stretch first and splash some cold water on your face to cue your body that it’s time to work out.

Forget the reflection. Worried about what others think? Get active at home. Buy a workout DVD… and use it. And remember, you’re your greatest critic. Everyone else is spending time assessing themselves, not others.

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