Eating Healthfully on a Small Budget

What’s bigger — your car payment or your grocery bill? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, grocery prices rose 3.9% in 2007. And it feels like they’ve been going up ever since.

Many foods that seem inexpensive aren’t exactly healthful. That box of macaroni and cheese, for example, may be cheap at the check out, but you’ll pay the price in unwanted calories and preservatives.

There are many ways to continue healthy eating when your purse strings are tight:

Check out the 20 healthiest foods for under $1. Several fruit, vegetable, grain, and protein options fall well under $1/serving.

Reduce the protein. When you buy a package of chicken, hamburger, or steak don’t look at it as just 1 meal. For example, you could grill a steak and slice half of it for tonight’s dinner, then use the rest in a rich stew. Other protein sources such as beans and tofu are cost-savers, too.

Make use of leftovers. The garbage disposal is a handy tool, but you wouldn’t let it chop up money, would you? When you send leftovers down the drain, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Learn to use your leftovers for lunches or in other dishes.

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