Gerson Diet

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. More than 7,000 people in the U.S. will die from it this year. Some believe skin cancer patients can survive the disease using a little-known treatment created 50 years ago.

A scar is Sue’s only visible reminder of skin cancer that began on her ankle and spread to her liver.

Sue, Cancer Survivor:
“That was in April of 87, and they gave me two to six weeks to live. The same week I heard about the Gerson diet and decided I could try that.”

Gerson’s diet is essentially one that supplies more fruit and vegetable material than any other intervention for cancer.

The diet is named after the German doctor who created it 50 years ago. During the first six weeks of the diet, patients drink a cup of carrot juice every hour, 13 hours a day. They also eat meals of fruits and vegetables three times a day.

“No sugar, no caffeine, no coffee, no chocolate, no fats. I had one tablespoon of flax seed oil a day.”

After a year and a half on the diet, Sue’s cancer disappeared. It’s still gone, eight years later.

“I still go to my M.D.s on a regular basis, have my check-ups, have CAT scans, bone scans, all this kind of stuff.”

Sue and 153 other skin cancer patients on the Gerson diet were tracked for five years. At the end of the study, 82 percent of those with medium-advanced melanoma were alive, compared to 39 percent receiving conventional therapy. (This, according to the Gerson Organization).

However, a recent study by nutritionists found that “the Gerson therapy, like its conventional counterparts, was unable to cure a wide variety of advanced cancers.”

The Gerson diet seemed to work best on patients who already had tumors removed. Most of the patients in the Gerson study were treated at a Mexican medical clinic. Do not start this or any other diet without the care and supervision of a medical doctor.

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