Condiment Exchange

While they may seem like harmless flavor enhancers, many of your favorite condiments are packed with sugar, artificial ingredients, sodium, and fat. Try these healthy alternatives for avoiding blandness:

Mustard — A lighter choice than mayonnaise, mustard kicks up spice… and immune function thanks to a compound called zeaxanthin. Mustard can also step in for ketchup, which is high in sugar. For a healthier alternative to barbeque sauce, which shares ketchup’s sugar-rich flaw, mix a little honey with mustard to sweeten its zest. Mustard in its seed or powdered form packs a seasoning punch, while possibly providing anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting benefits.

Hummus — Trade your heavy dips or dressings for this garbanzo bean specialty. High in fiber and protein, low in fat, hummus also contains a trace mineral known as molybdenum, which may help the body detoxify certain food preservatives. Hummus can replace ranch dressing as a veggie dip or sour cream on a baked potato and serve as a sandwich spread.

Salsa — This Mexican favorite isn’t exclusive to south-of-the-border entrées. Swap out the usual suspects on your burgers with this low-calorie, lycopene-rich alternative. Use it instead of tarter or cocktail sauce, or even as a marinade. Top your morning eggs with salsa to give them a southwestern buzz.

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