Tai Chi for Women

Tai Chi Chih, also known as TCC, is a Westernized version of Chinese Tai Chi. It incorporates balance, posture alignment, concentration and meditation. It also promotes a number of health benefits that women can reap the rewards of.

For 10 years, Roberta has been teaching Tai Chi Chih. She says it has profound benefits. “The movements, the shifting of the weight, the way the movements are structured are very good for stimulating and re-balancing the hormonal system in the body”.

Researchers from Tufts University in Boston found Tai Chi has helped patients with heart failure, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Roberta has found similar benefits. “I have osteoarthritis. I had adult-onset asthma at the age of 38,” she says. “I now no longer am on any mediations, or have any asthma attacks or any problems with my arthritis really.”

After just three years, Dixon is also convinced of its benefits. “Tai Chi Chih helps me to relax and helps me to keep my blood pressure pretty much under control.” Now, at 70, she’s planning on becoming an instructor. Dixon says: “I don’t ever want to become a woman who’s tied to a rocking chair. I just think that there is much more to life than that.”

Roberta says Tai Chi Chih benefits every part of your body. It moves the energy in your body all the way to the surface of the skin, and it plumps the skin and makes you more youthful. And with results like that, Roberta doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Tai Chi Chih is not a martial art … it is nonviolent. Trainers say people can usually learn it within two months. It’s ideal for older and younger people since it does not require physical fitness or coordination.

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