Couple Up

Research by the University of Denver found that couples who spend time together — free of financial, family, or other stresses — are more likely to survive any marital or partnership crisis.

One way to share twosome time is by hitting the road, the rink, or the court. Get started by exploring a new — or tried and true — activity.

  • Jogging, walking, hiking: Go for a walk, run, or hike. Take time to focus on each other, rediscovering what brought you together.
  • Biking: Hop on bikes, strap on backpacks with snacks and drinks, and get ready to explore the outdoors side by side.
  • Skating, skiing, or snowboarding: You’ll find plenty of opportunities to catch up and be cozy.
  • Tennis: Play a friendly game as partners or opposite each other. If tennis isn’t your game, try badminton, ping–pong, basketball, or a round of golf.
  • Dancing: Head to a club or sign up for dance classes. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Salsa, flamenco, ballroom, tango… any can provide a unique, fun experience you both will enjoy.

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