Walk and Roll

While the backdrop of your day may be ringing phones and chatting coworkers, it doesn’t have to be the soundtrack to your walks. Musical accompaniment kindles motivation, engages your senses, and relieves tension… heightening physical benefits. In fact, one study found that listening to music during exercise enhanced brain power. So crank up the tunes when you lace up your shoes.

Music acts as a buffer. An upbeat song steps in and helps you disassociate from external distractions and internal pessimism. While tired lungs or a negative outlook can be powerful detractors on a long walk, an acoustical escort can muffle the excuses, allowing you to forge ahead.

Music acts as a timer. From the chirp of birds to the roar of traffic, your ears will be subject to a variety of non-rhythmic noises that can break up your tempo. But music injects a natural cadence into your step that nudges your stride and invigorates your pace.

Music acts as a catalyst. Especially helpful in interval training, different compositions can aid performance. If you’re in need of a push, an uplifting opus can stimulate muscles, stamina, and focus. During your cool down, a softer melody can help lower your heart rate, slow your breathing, and relax your body and mind… opening the door to better recovery.

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