Computerized Workout

The invention of Nautilus exercise equipment revolutionized the way we exercise. Its creator has designed a new system that uses computers instead of scalpels to repair injured backs and knees.

Mikaela’s weekly exercises on the Med X equipment keeps a curvature in her spine from getting worse. The computer component of the system tracks every move she makes and keeps a record of her progress.

What it does is to measure the range and strength of specific muscles. The equipment is so big and bulky because it has to isolate those specific muscles.

The equipment can isolate and strengthen muscles in any part of the body. It’s especially effective for treating chronic back pain. In many cases it can replace the need for surgery.

We are not saying we can keep everybody from surgery but for those earlier in the problem it’s fixable by straightening out what the muscles do and then they can take care of themselves.

Mikaela, Med X User:
“It’s helped me because my back’s gotten stronger and I can do things easier.”

Med X gives people in pain or on the mend a faster, cheaper and non-invasive way to build up their strength and prevent future injury.

The equipment can also benefit people with arthritis, osteoporosis and back pain.

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