30 Minutes to a Healthier You

Any exercise is better than none, but research shows that 30 minutes a day will increase energy, tone muscles, and boost your immune system. In addition, regular exercise can relieve stress, reduce health risks like diabetes and heart disease, enhance mental agility, lift your mood, and keep off the pounds. Find a half hour each day with the following ideas:

  • Walk when you can: It’s not only the greenest way to arrive, but you’ll also save money while staying active. If you need to drive or take public transportation, consider parking a block away or getting off a few stops ahead, then walking the remaining distance.
  • Use your lunch hour: Give the Internet a rest. Use your lunch hour instead to head to the gym or take a brisk walk before you eat.
  • Find the stairs: You can get in a great cardio workout — and burn more calories/minute than most other forms of physical activity — without needing any special skills, equipment, or clothing.

Once you make it a habit, you’ll want to fit in time for exercise. Experiment with new activities to keep your commitment fresh.

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