Fitness Fountain of Youth

Sure exercise helps slim you down and tone you up. But the compounded results of working out do more than just reduce your pants size. Besides the fact that physical activity lowers your risk of developing illnesses like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, it has a holistic effect on mind, body, and spirit — prolonging life expectancy and enhancing quality. In fact, staying active may slow or even reverse the aging process. So let go of the excuse that you’re too old — it’s never too late to turn back the clock.

  • Adjust: As you journey through life, your body changes. Make accommodations that match the needs of each stage. Incorporate both strength and aerobic training to keep your muscles and bones strong and your metabolism up.
  • Engage: You’re less apt to work out if it feels like a drag. Try something new to break up monotony. Look for activities you genuinely enjoy. Listen to your favorite music or read something engrossing while you’re on the treadmill. Take part with others — not only can they hold you accountable, but the social dynamics help spur motivation.
  • Build: Avoid the all–or–nothing temptation. Something is always better than nothing, so if those creaky knees are keeping you off the courts, take up walking or biking — movement is movement as long as you pace yourself into a routine that’s doable vs. one you’ll abandon when soreness and fatigue set in.

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