Celebrity Workout

Trainers whip their celebrity clients into shape using some of the most basic exercise precepts. Peek inside these fitness secrets shared on the red carpet… and you’ll see there’s nothing they do that you can’t.

  • Motivational tips: Karen Voight, who helped Tina Turner sculpt those famous legs, says the key to sticking with a fitness regimen is enjoying the program. Take a kickboxing or dance class at your local gym. Get involved with a sports team. Or partner with a friend for regular racquetball games or weekly hikes. And since the first step is usually the hardest, Oprah’s personal trainer Bob Greene recommends getting your own fitness coach for at least a couple sessions to build momentum.
  • Technical tips: To get the most from your workout, Voight says, pay attention to muscular control. Concentrate on contracting your abs into the floor instead of jerking your body into a sit–up. Hold end positions to isolate the movement, whether it’s at the bottom of a push–up or squat, or at the top of a bicep curl.
  • Results tips: Ray Kybartas, Madonna’s former workout instructor, encourages variety in exercise. Changing activities not only wards off monotony, it confuses your muscles so they’re forced to continue adjusting as you engage them in different ways. And try to focus on developing an active lifestyle, not getting immediate results — worry less about what you initially see and more about how you feel.

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