Beverage Burden

From office parties to family celebrations, food and drink partner to create social merriment. But while delightful, many holiday beverages are dietary demons. Try these ideas:

Avoid intoxication. Alternate each drink with a full glass of water or a hot cup of tea to hydrate and spread out the effects of alcohol. Always consume with food to avoid rapid absorption into the bloodstream. Call it quits early in the night to give your body time to recover, especially if you’re driving. Try a glass of sparkling apple cider to ring in the New Year; not only will cut the alcohol, you’ll also boost your antioxidant intake.

Lighten up. Some seasonal favorites are also high in fat. Peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice coffee drinks boast 470 calories when made with the works, while a serving of hot buttered rum sports 418 calories. A cup of eggnog weighs in at 355 with 11 grams of fat. Nix the whipped cream, go with skim milk, and choose the light versions whenever available.

Spice it up. Instead of extra sugar, try adding a stick of cinnamon to your ciders, coffee, tea, or nog. Or try mint in your hot chocolate to aid digestion.

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