A Slice of Pie

Nothing says holiday dessert like pie. But as each flaky bite tempts your taste buds, calories threaten your waistline. Fortunately, simple modifications can slim down your favorite pastries and pep up their nutrition. This Thanksgiving, have your pie and eat it too with these tips:

All in the crumbs. Traditional crusts are often made of lard, margarine, or butter and refined white flour. Go with heart-healthy oils like canola or olive instead of room temperature solids, and don’t be afraid to skimp a little. Choose whole wheat, brown rice, or oat flour to increase fiber and whole grains.

An inside job. Many fillings start out nutritionally sound but turn into high-calorie savages. Retain the natural nutrients of classic contents like pumpkin or sweet potato by using the real deal, not canned. Try rice syrup instead of sugar and trim or delete butter. For berry or apple pies, scale back the sugar syrups and use 100% juices instead.

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