Moody Foods Power Proteins

Rhonda is constantly on the go…from graduate studies in nursing school to the basketball court. Her day begins early. There’s a 6 a.m. practice, class, lunch, back to class, workouts, study hall and ballgames.

Rhonda, Student/Athlete:
“Would you call that a hectic schedule? Yeah, but after 4 years, I’m getting used to it.”

Other factors have helped Rhonda get through the hectic days.

“Definitely, getting to bed at a somewhat good time and a consistent time makes a difference and also how I eat.”

Carbohydrates are excellent for physical activity and for calming us down. Proteins are very important for mental, intellectual energy.

In fact, proteins are like mental adrenaline.

If you’re going for an intellectual ride, that is, you’re going to be working on a long document four or five hours, make sure you give yourself protein.

Usually if I have a little protein, a little bit, I’ll notice an instant shift, I’ll start to feel better.

What foods are rich in protein? Meats, chicken, fish, milk, cheese and eggs, seeds, and nuts. These protein foods increase the brain chemical dopamine, which can help you feel more alert, motivated and mentally sharp. With this information, large corporations are beginning to think about giving high-protein luncheons to increase productivity afterward.

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