Beating Travel Stress

Traveling is more aggravating than ever — security checks, visa requirements, and baggage fees. But a good vacation is definitely worth the hassle. Studies show that globetrotters are healthier because they have lower stress levels, are less prone to heart disease, and develop strong bonds with travel companions.

Try these tips to reduce your travel trauma:

  • Be prepared. Make a checklist, and pack your bags several days in advance. This should give you peace of mind that you didn’t forget anything.
  • Invest in traveler’s insurance. Cover unexpected medical costs, trip cancellation due to illness, and baggage insurance. Policy costs vary depending on your destination.
  • Arrive early. Security lines are unpredictable. The Transportation Security Administration has advice on briskly advancing through checkpoints: Leave plenty of time; have your identification ready; and don’t wear anything that sets off metal detectors.
  • Take a train. Riding the rails may increase your travel time but you’ll enjoy more leg room, space to walk around, room for your luggage, and a scenic landscape — plus you can use your cell phone.
  • Mail your luggage. Baggage fees are rising. Some savvy travelers get ahead by mailing or shipping luggage to their hotels. Not only can you save money, you’ll save valuable minutes at the airport.

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