Happy and Healthy

What makes you happy? Money? Love? Family? Friends? No matter how they define it, 30 percent of people said they were very happy in a recent survey, 60 percent said they were pretty happy and only 1 percent said they were unhappy. Here is why a positive attitude can go a long way when it comes to your health.

Psychologist David is a happiness expert. With a title like that, he gets a daily shot of happiness on the basketball court.

Aerobic exercise is a good antidote to mild depression and anxiety.

Research shows no matter how happiness is achieved, it can improve physical health. A recent study shows a positive emotional state of mind may help fight Alzheimer’s disease and prolong life.

Happiness is energy. And when energy courses through your body and you allow it, you feel open. It not only makes us feel good but it makes us feel healthy.

If you do not feel good, you might want to blame those negative emotions. The throat can signal fear. The chest harbors sadness or anxiety. The shoulders, anger. Experts say live in the moment, relax and breathe deeply.

All the organs of the body, all the tissues of the body get bathed in blood and energy, and it nourishes the body.

With a positive outlook on life, experts believe anyone can aim for happiness and score better health.

A big mistake people make is thinking the worst-case scenario. Imagining the best-case scenario instead, which will give you more energy.

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