Humor Me

The physical act of chuckling relieves stress, protects your immune system, and strengthens relationships. Research shows that a strong case of the giggles also improves heart health.

So yuck it up with these tips for finding your funny bone:

  • Force yourself to smile: Projecting a happy image rubs off on others — better vibes will surround you.
  • Watch something funny: Make time for a rerun of your favorite sitcom or dust off your favorite mindless comedy.
  • Talk to your funniest friend: Dial up that buddy who makes you laugh until you cry. Share funny stories or old inside jokes.
  • Encourage others to be funny: Everyone has at least a couple favorite jokes they love to tell — ask to hear them.
  • Visit a comedy club: It’s a unique night out, where professionals are paid to produce chuckles.

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