Healthy Travel

Summer is always a booming travel time. However, just because you’re on a trip doesn’t mean you have to forget what you’ve learned about eating smart and staying in shape.

For Andy, lifting weights is more than just a workout. This is how he spends his lengthy layovers — in a gym inside the Pittsburgh International Airport. For $10, travelers get a rented shirt, shorts and even shoes.

Andy explains, “It was either sit and read and fall asleep or get a workout. I’m going to try to get a workout.”

Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym between flights, put on a pair of comfy shoes and walk.

Look at it as a workout. They have found even 10 minutes of exercise split up throughout the day can make a huge difference overall. However don’t blow that difference at the food court.

A veggie pizza is a great idea. Load up on your veggies at that point.

Your best bet is a deli, but skip the macaroni and pasta salads. They tend to be really high in fat. They’ve got a lot of extra mayonnaise and eggs and other things thrown in.

And for something sweet, a yogurt smoothie is a great idea.

Then reward your muscles for eating healthy. Massage centers are popping up in airports across the country. Now that’s the way to travel!

One more tip: If you want to eat right while in-flight, call your airline ahead of time to order a special meal. Many airlines offer low-calorie, low-cholesterol or vegetarian meals.

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