Work It

Walking burns calories and strengthens leg muscles, but what about your upper body? Integrate simple exercises into your walk, and you’ll tone your arms while boosting aerobic benefits.

Burn your biceps. Do bicep curls as you walk or at each stoplight — 15-20 reps. Alternate arms or do both at the same time. Mix it up by changing the position of your wrists — pumping with your palms facing toward your body, then away.

Trigger your triceps. From a 90-degree angle with your palms facing inward, extend both arms behind you, pinching your shoulder blades together and isolating the triceps. Hold for 3 seconds before slowly releasing.

Rotate your rotator cuff. Hold your arms horizontally out to the side and move them in small, steady circles 20 times in both directions. Up the ante with lateral raises to sustain the burn and deliver an extra punch to your deltoids.

Focus on technique. Refrain from the temptation to add hand weights — the concentrated load could throw off your balance and compromise technique. Instead, pay attention to your form. Keep your arms bent 90 degrees and swing them alongside your body up to your chest. Never cross the center line or clench your fists. Remaining attentive to technique reduces fatigue and ensures you’re getting the most from every step.

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