Viral Hits

You might be surprised where germs lurk. While bowing to paranoia isn’t the right approach — after all, bugs are everywhere — be aware of microbial hotspots you might not have thought about.

  • Shopping: Debit keypads and pens are swarming with microscopic buggers. Ditto for shopping carts, which not only harbor cold and flu viruses, but ugly bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli. Take advantage of the disinfectant wipes stationed at most store entrances to wipe down cart handles and child seats, use your own pen for writing checks, and whip out the bottle of alcohol–based sanitizer after entering information.
  • Grooming: Because they’re used so close to your body’s entrance points — like eyes, nose, and nicks in the skin — razor blades and makeup are transmission tools for bacteria and viruses. Replace makeup every 3 months and wash application brushes/sponges weekly; sterilize razor blades in alcohol after each use and replace them after 3–7 uses. Never borrow makeup or razors, which could contain blood–borne illnesses.
  • Surfing: Computer keyboards and entertainment remotes are rife with microbial dwellers. Swipe down the devices before and after each use to avoid sharing them with family or coworkers.

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