All-Weather Workout

In most areas, this time of year tends to deliver cool temps and precipitation, which can bully you away from outdoor training. If your will to step out is drenched by the thought of sloshing around in puddles or hounded by a sudden cold front, you can always retreat from weather’s intimidation. Check out these tips for staying active indoors:

  • Stroll through the mall (but don’t stop to shop until you’re done with your 30–minute tread) — some even open their doors early just for walkers who want to avoid the crowd. Or visit a home improvement store or warehouse shopping center — the large aisles and vast square footage offer opportunities for covering a lot of ground.
  • Hit the gym and use their treadmills, elliptical trainers, or stair masters. Join a high– or low–impact aerobic class. Check out your local parks and recreation center, which often offers free access to public gyms during specified hours, or consider buying a season pass.
  • Stay home and cue up an exercise DVD or check local listings — some stations still carry workout programs. Or search for online workout videos.

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