USANA Protect + Maintain Bundle

Sit back and relax with an unbeatable immune system and robust gut health to thrive past toughest of seasonal changes.

With age, a robust immune and digestive health is essential. USANA Protect + Maintain Bundle is all about offering 4 superior-quality supplements to optimize both digestive and immune health. Boost your overall wellness and vitality with Proflavanol C200, Proglucamune, USANA probiotic, and Booster C600.

• Proglucamune: Optimize your overall wellbeing and energy with our organic, antioxidant-rich reishi, and shiitake mushroom powders, baker’s yeast extracts. The composition also ensures improving immune health.
• Proflavanol C200: The exclusive blend of grapeseed extract and Poly C vitamin C, the USANA’s immune booster supplement offers potent antioxidants for amazing skin health, immune health, and cardiac health benefits.
• USANA Probiotic: This immune health supplement contains 12 billion active bacterial colonies in a portable stick pack to support gut health and immune functions.
• Booster C600: Helps your immune system by offering a combination of elderberry, zinc, Echinacea, and Poly C vitamin C to offer vitamin C immune defence for long duration when you are hit by seasonal changes.