USANA Mommy-to-Be Bundle

Got the good news and looking for the best pregnancy supplements to support your unborn’s development? Mommy-to-Be Bundle is exclusively designed for pregnant women.

Nourish and protect yourself and your unborn child with premium-quality USANA supplements. USANA Mommy-to-Be Bundle will offer your bundle of joy with all the vital minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

The trio of BiOmegaTM, Vitamin D, and Prenatal CellSentials offers all a pregnant women’s body would ask for:

  • Prenatal CellSentials: Properly nourishes your body and provides vital nutrients to your little one for normal growth and development of the baby. Contains all the essentials vitamins and minerals that your body may lack due to pregnancy cravings or nausea.
  • BiOmegaTM: Offers excellent bone health, robust immune system, and optimized cardiovascular health. The high-quality supplement works at cellular level by offering DHA and EPA omega- fatty acids extracted from original, organic fish oil.
  • Vitamin D: Without vitamin D, there’s no use of calcium supplements. Moreover, vitamin D helps the body retain cell health and function. The exclusive vitamin D formula features vitamin K2, necessary for cardiovascular health—essential during pregnancy.