USANA Get Energized Pack

Get Energized Pack is especially formulated for athletes, sportsmen, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who wishes to live an active, energetic, and upbeat life.

Tired of feeling lethargic and out of energy all the time? Is stress taking over your mind and exhausting your body? USANA Get Energized Pack is a 28-day supply of potent supplements that work at cellular level to improve your energy level:

  • BiOmega™: A blend of DHA and EPA omega- fatty acids extracted from pure fish oils to boost cardiovascular, bone, and joint health.
  • CoQuinone® 30: Contains bioavailable coenzyme Q10 to increase cellular energy for optimized functioning of brain and heart.
  • USANA® Probiotic (2 packs): Comes in suitable stick pack form comprising of multiple probiotic bacteria. Mix them with protein shakes, beverages, etc. to improve digestion and gut microbiome.
  • HealthPak™: Contains all core nutrients to be taken with food to optimum absorption by the body.
  • Proflavanol® C100: A blend of grape-seed extract and vitamin C for advanced antioxidant protection and boosted immune health.
  • USANA® Vitamin D: An excellent supply of vitamin C to support body’s bone and joint health.
  • Proglucamune®: Contains organic mushroom extracts, baker’s yeast strain, and zinc to improve immune defense against oxidative stress.