USANA Balance for Your Belly Pack

Gut is your second brain and gut health matters equally for optimal energy and functioning of your body.

Weight loss, weight gain, stable emotional health, cardiac health, and what not, it all connects with your belly health—gut microbiome.

Balance for Your Belly Pack by USANA is a one-month supply (28-day) to optimize your digestion. With perfect digestive processes, you’ll see tremendous changes in your energy level and improved brain functioning at work such as focus, cognitive processes, etc.

Our premium Balance for Your Belly Pack contains the following supplements:

  • BiOmega™: Supplies omega- fatty acids (EPA and DHA) for healthy cardiovascular system and joints.
  • Hepasil DTX: Supports liver processes to boost the body’s natural detoxification process.
  • USANA MySmart® Fibergy® Plus Booster: Increases your daily fiber intake to make you feel fuller for healthy weight loss. Fibers are great for optimizing digestion.
  • Proflavanol® C100: A versatile combo of grape-seed extract and vitamin C designed to provide excellent antioxidant protection and boost immune functions. It also helps improve circulatory system and cardiovascular health.
  • HealthPak™: A comprehensive blend of core nutrients that are more bioavailable and absorb quickly by the body.
  • USANA® Probiotic (2 packs): The probiotic sticks contain beneficial gut bacteria that support healthy digestion.
  • USANA® Digestive Enzyme: These digestive enzymes promote normal gut functions. Relieve occasional discomfort in gut and other gut issues with this supplement.