USANA Feel the Beat Bundle

Support your cardiac health with this heart-healthy Feel the Beat Bundle!

Keep the organ pumping and beating smoothly with the USANA’s exclusive trio of supplements for cardiovascular support: Proflavanol C200, CoQuinone 100, and BiOmegaTM:

  • BiOmegaTM: Plays a vital role in optimizing immune, joint, and cardiovascular health. The high-quality supplement aids in crucial cellular processes by supplying DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids extracted from purified fish oils.
  • Proflavanol C200: Contains a bioflavonoid grapeseed extract in combination with Poly C vitamin C blend to offer potent antioxidant protection for excellent immune, cardiac, and skin health.
  • CoQuinone 100: Boost the energy production level within the cells with the help of alpha-lipoic acid and Coenzyme Q10. The supplement helps in meeting the high energy needs of heart and mind optimizing their functioning.

  • Together, the trio is formulated to improve cardiovascular health and functioning increasing efficiency at cellular level.