USANA EstroPro™

USANA EstroPro™ is a plant-based supplement or almost a vegan supplement to support middle-aged women experiencing menopause. This exclusive natural supplement for women eases common menopause symptoms and menopause issues.

With a blend of licorice root, flaxseed extract, red clover, and soy isoflavones extract, USANA EstroPro™ offers a great option for women experiencing hot flashes and multiple other uncomfortable symptoms due to hormonal imbalances during menopause. The all-natural botanical extracts support by easing the menopause symptoms along with contributing to bone and cardiovascular health.

USANA EstroPro™ benefits the menopause women in a millennial ways:

  • Offers phytoestrogens to communicate with estrogen receptors for well-being of menopausal women by assisting the symptoms.
  • Helps with healthy functioning of hormones in women.
  • Exclusive formula to aid in maintaining healthy bone and heart health—during and after menopausal occurs.
  • Offer gentle and smooth relief from menopausal symptoms inclusive of night sweats, hot flashes, as well as mood swings.