Booster C 600™

Booster C 600™ offer occasional immune support with a pleasant lemon-berry flavour

Booster C 600™ supplement aids in boosting the immune system to make you feel healthier, stronger, and rejuvenated. It’s a great supplement to fight off seasonal cold, cough, and flu when the immune is at its weakest. The exclusive and premium formula is composed in an advanced manner to support a healthy immune function. It uses USANA’s exclusive Poly C® proven complex that offer high vitamin C content for a long duration.

The health benefits of USANA’s Booster C 600™ include:

  • Supporting immune functions by providing elderberry, zinc, and premium Echinacea
  • Completely pure, safe, and utterly effective as its formulated by USANA’s scientists
  • Contains zero artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors
  • A very low-calorie supplement that doesn’t interfere with weight loss