Holiday Heart Trio

Give the right treatment to your cardiovascular system with these heart-healthy supplements—Holiday Heart Trio.

With these three heart-healthy USANA supplements, you get the benefits of 3 amazing USANA favorite supplements CoQuinone (to boost energy production at cellular level), BiOmega (contains omega-3 fatty acids to improve learning and memory), and Proflavanol C200 (boosts immune functions).

The Healthy Heart Trio contains the following benefits:

  • CoQuinone 100 is a 56 tablet supplement that energizes your body at cellular level. It’s a composition of Coenzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid that boost energy for cardiovascular health, nerve functions, and muscle function.
  • BiOmega is a supremely pure omega- fatty acids supplement that improves learning and memory and helps in supporting immune functions, joint health, and cardiovascular activity.
  • Proflavanol C200 is a 56 tablets bioflavonoid-rich formula containing premium quality vitamin C and grape seed extract to support immune system.