Usanimals™ is a daily dose of multivitamin that helps with growth and development of children between ages 2 to 12.

Today, our diets do not fulfil our daily needs for essential minerals and vitamins. Usanimals™ is a super powerful kid-friendly supplements support healthful growth and development of kids by offering daily required amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In combo, these support immune functions, bone health and brain development.

USANA’s Usanimals™ has excellent health benefits for you:

  • Supports healthy growth of children by providing ample nutrients required by body
  • Promotes the health of immune system containing vitamin A, C, E, and zinc
  • Contains vitamins such as B6, B12, choline, and folate for normal brain functions
  • Contains vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium for stronger teeth, bones, and nails
  • Contains thiamine, iron, and B12 to boost your body’s energy
  • Kids-friendly multivitamins chewables that are stamped with animal shapes