CoQuinone® 30

An optimized blend of Coenzyme Q10 with alpha-lipoic acid makes a potent CoQuinone® 30!

CoQuinone® 30 works at cellular level by supporting the mitochondrial complex to produce more energy by boosting its nutrition. With increased energy production, the supplement assists with fulfilling high-energy demand of heart, brain, and muscles. With a potent antioxidant blend, CoQuinone® 30 helps reduce oxidative stress to help body conserve its energy.

USANA CoQuinone® 30 revitalizes your body in multiple ways:

  • Works at cellular level to boost energy production
  • Fulfils the high-energy demand of heart, CNS, and muscles
  • Contains potent blend of antioxidants
  • More bioavailable (gets absorbed by blood for quicker effectiveness) than its comparative forms