How does USANA ensure product safety, especially for new products?

Product safety is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Toxicities of vitamins and minerals have been researched at length, and USANA has considered all available information when formulating its nutritional products. Most vitamins have low toxicities, and for many no toxicity has ever been observed. Some fat-soluble vitamins can be toxic at high doses, but even when typical dietary intakes are considered, the amounts of vitamins and minerals in USANA supplements – when used as directed – do not come close to harmful levels.

Chronic intakes of vitamins and minerals at levels exceeding the LOAEL (Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level) can cause health problems, but the amounts of vitamins and minerals found in USANA’s products have been formulated to remain below these levels. USANA products are designed to enhance health, not be detrimental to it.

A good source of information on general vitamin and mineral safety is “Vitamin and Mineral Safety, 2nd Edition” by John N. Hathcock, Ph.D. Council of Responsible Nutrition. 2004. Concerned individuals can also contact the Council for Responsible Nutrition directly at

USANA’s food products are formulated using ingredients with an extensive history of safe use in humans. In addition, all USANA food products are tested for heavy metal contamination (which includes lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium) and meet or exceed the most stringent standards for safety regarding these metals (e.g. the state of California’s Proposition 65).

The USANA Sensé products have been extensively tested under dermatologist and ophthalmologist-supervised conditions. All ingredients must comply with strict safety standards set by governmental regulations.

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