Food NOT Pills

If you eat clean you will be much less likely to pop countless amounts of pills, whether nutritional or pharmaceutical. Eating clean brings you to another nutritional level altogether, where the quality ingredients your body needs to run optimally come from food rather than a pill. Imagine that! All we need to survive is packed into delicious food sources rather than plastic bottles. Better yet, with a healthy dietary regimen you are much less likely to put yourself in a state of poor health where pharmaceutical drugs are required. Surprise! You can put your pennies back in your piggy bank and load up on eat clean food for your optimal health.

Please do keep in mind that there are always situations in which our bodies need a little extra help, such as when we encounter uncontrollable health and environmental conditions. For example, the current state of our food’s growing conditions is troubled thanks to depleted soils from overfarming, excessive use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and polluted waters. This results in fewer minerals and vitamins in our foods and makes an argument for nutritional supplements. There are also loads of folks who don’t’ have access to information about nutrition, and there are others still who live in compromised conditions where access to good food is impossible. In these cases a good quality multivitamin could help give them what they are lacking. Work with your healthcare professional to be sure you are on the right track and are not in need of any of the following, which are the most commonly lacking vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals:

• Vitamin D because of a lack of healthy sun exposure. In some northern countries rickets is making a comeback thanks to insufficient sun and too much sunblock!
• Fish oil in health-maintaining or therapeutic doses. Eating enough fish oil may help keep your mood in top form. Some mental health practitioners are using therapeutic doses of fish oil to fight depression, inflammation, heart disease and macular degeneration.
• Vitamin K for fighting rickets.
• Calcium along with weight-bearing exercise for strong bones and teeth.
• HCL (hydrochloric acid) to optimize stomach acid contents for seamless digestion. Without it you can eat as clean and wholesome as you like and not gain any benefit. Most North Americans do not have enough!
• Adrenal support to address a nationwide epidemic of chronic stress and disease. A few drops will put you back in the nutritional driver’s seat.

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