What makes USANA Probiotic different from other probiotic supplements?

While probiotics have known benefits, there are many factors to consider when choosing a specific probiotic supplement.

First, note that different probiotic products utilize different bacteria strains. Numerous probiotic strains are available, many of which have very little to no clinical data regarding their benefit or physiological activity.

Second, stability is a huge problem with most strains of bacteria. Shelf-life for most strains is very short and many strains need refrigeration. Even refrigerated products can have poor viability and very short shelf-lives. In addition, many strains that have good data in culture or in vitro show no viability when exposed to the acutal human digestive process. If a strain does not make it through digestion all the way to the intestine to colonize, its benefit is questionable.

USANA spent many years researching and combing through data in search of a product unaffected by these potential roadblocks. The result is the new USANA Probiotic product. The two strains used in this product have extensive clinical and human data to support benefit and viability. Most commonly used strains do not.

Additionally, this particular proprietary blend has proven to be ultimately stable at room temperature. In both in-house and third-party testing we have been able to corroborate the manufacturer’s claim of 18-month stability.

The bacterial strains used in USANA Probiotic have numerous human trials to prove viability and benefit in humans. And, with better stability than other products on the market, the majority of other probiotic products cannot measure up to the overall quality and effectiveness of USANA Vitamins Probiotic.

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