Turmeric is a member of ginger family, has anti-inflammatory properties that in the right dosages can rival that of aspirin and ibuprofen.

The health claims of this amazing spice are used in India and South East Asia to flavor foods. I purchased more fish oil and turmeric at USANA store since I’m a USANA Distributor. The fish oil seemed to have a very good impact on my lower back pain and adding turmeric to it seemed to give it just a little extra kick of reducing the pain and discomfort.

The dosage of turmeric / curcumin, which has a black pepper extract to help with its bioavailability, is 2 g or four of 500mg capsules taken with fish oil two times a day. Just like with the fish oil if I stop taking the turmeric/fish oil over a period of 3 weeks my lower back pain came back and really makes my life that much more difficult to get through each and every day. So now, religiously, I take these turmeric and fish oil pills which seem to have a very positive impact on the pain and discomfort I have on a daily basis.

One study that states that curcumin is safe and very effective as an anti-inflammatory is found in PubMed. If you were to take the time and do your own research on turmeric/curcumin you will find that it has been proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory that is safe to use. When combined with fish oil I do feel the benefits of its anti-inflammatory capabilities on my recurring lower back pain. I highly recommend it!

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